January 8th, 2020
    Theme: Bubble Baths

    Toastmaster/Topicsmaster/Vote Counter: Gary M
    General Evaluator: Andy
    Evaluator: Shawn
        * Round-Robin Evaluations
    Speaker: Julian
    Grammarian/Ah-Counter: Darrell
    Timer: Edward

    Club business: Determine the officers.

January 15th, 2020
    Theme: Hats

    Toastmaster/Topicsmaster/Vote Counter: Andy
    General Evaluator: Shawn
    Evaluator: Julian
        * Round-Robin Evaluations
    Speaker: Darrell
    Grammarian/Ah-Counter: Edward
    Timer: Gary M

January 22nd, 2020
    Theme: Have Fun at Work

    Toastmaster: Shawn
    Topicsmaster/Vote Counter: Gary J
    General Evaluator: Julian
    Evaluator: Darrel
        * Round-Robin Evaluations
    Speaker: Edward
    Grammarian/Ah-Counter: Gary M
    Timer: Andy

January 29th, 2020

    Toastmaster: Gary J
    Topicsmaster/Vote Counter: Julian
    General Evaluator: Darrell
    Evaluator: Shawn
        * Round-Robin Evaluations
    Speaker: Gary M
    Grammarian/Ah-Counter: Andy
    Timer: Edward

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