Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meeting December 19, 2012

Scott lead the meeting this week as Toastmaster.

Christmas is in the air. The theme of the meeting had us all share wether we preferred online shopping or shopping in a store. We also learned about Tim's best Christmas shopping experience and that Julian is a boring online shopper.

The first speech of the day, oddly, was an Icebreaker from Julian. Oddly because Julian already gave his Icebreaker. However, he lost the evaluation for his Icebreaker on a plane months ago. So, he had to give the speech again.

Andy read from the story "Twas the Night Before Christmas." But, instead of reading through the entire story, he stopped short and started updating the story. We laughed and laughed as Andy told us how the story was way off in today's world.

What is a sugar plum anyway?

Robyne at Table Topics. There were weenies involved.

Tim as General Evaluator.

Our special Christmas Elf delivered candy canes when started his speech. 
Also, during the meeting, Julian was voted in as President. Congratulations!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Meeting December 12, 2012

Happy 12/12/12!

Our esteemed Toastmaster this week was Douglas. 

This week we welcomed two new members. Welcome Betty and Brandon! They were guests last week, but must have had and epiphany of how valuable Toastmasters can be for personal growth.

Robyne read again this week for another project in her Interpretive Reading manual. She read a very funny piece from a play called, "I Can't Think of it Right Now."

Robyne cannot think of it right now.
True to form, Gary, our second speaker, entertained us with his topic. Gary spoke to us about interesting items he has found over the years and told us stories about them.

Gary and a mystery item, the origin of which eludes college professors. 
Addition items in Gary's collection.

Tim was our Topicmaster this week. Tim asked asked some difficult questions about the precious moments in our lives. Some had the epiphany that they did not have just one to choose from.

Tim asks the questions.
Colton talks about his precious kids.

Tim gives his evaluation of Robyne's speech. 

Darrell's Grammarian report. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meeting December 5th, 2012

Toastmaster: Robyne

At Robyne's office, this upcoming Friday is sweets day and that drives her mad since it is also Pearl Harbor Day. She did not quail from the subject. In fact, she brought a few pictures to raise awareness in remembrance of the events that will live in infamy. 

Colton started us off with his speech "Thoughts on Faith." I was his speech evaluator and before the meeting, Colton told me he was concerned he might lose the audience in the details of his speech. He gave me a few specific goals to evaluate. He did a great job with his speech and with achieving his goals.

Colton speaks while Tim jots down notes as General Evaluator.
The second speech is perhaps the bravest thing I have seen in Toastmasters. Before the meeting, Douglas agreed to give a 5-7 minute inspirational speech without knowing the topic before hand. Andy was to give him his topic as he was introduced. Douglas did a great job. I even learned the origins of insurance. 

Gary watches as Douglas wows us with his bravery.
Darrell, Douglas's evaluator, works on notes during the speech.
Tim gives us all pointers as the General Evaluator.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Toastmaster Leadership Institute - Fall 2012

Congratulations to us, Lubbock Downtown Toastmasters!

At the Toastmaster Leadership Institute today for District 23, it was announced that we are the only Lubbock club with 5 or more points towards the Distinguished Club Program! It is only half way through the year and we have half the points needed to be a distinguished club. Keep up the good work!

(I discovered later that Articulate will have 5 points after the TLI, but still, we are ahead!)

I was in attendance to accept the applause on behalf of the club.

The club also received a ribbon for our banner. Thanks to Tim's effort with WWJS Toastmasters, Lubbock Downtown Toastmasters received a Club Coach award! Yay Tim!