Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meeting November 28th, 2012

Toastmaster: Colton

Cowabunga Dudes! This week's theme was to count our blessing. In an odd combination, our word of the day was any surfer slang.

Colton, the man in charge.

Tim brought us some really though provoking words on how God sees time and how it is very different than we as humans see time. The speech was intriguing and enlightening. Entitled "Out of Time," the speech was the How to Say It project from the Competent Communicator manual.

Tim really driving home a point to Robyne. 

Michael also told us about various communication levels and how each one of us could become the guy who could walk into a room and be the life of the party with everyone. Colton joined him a little role play - as a body building graphic artist - for a demonstration. This completed Michael's Conversing with Ease project in the Interpersonal Communications manual.

Michael cracks up Colton with one of his examples. 
In comically related news, table topics were interrupted when a truck drove by with a huge ad on it for a kung fu vampire. The truck was so bogus, the distraction of an entire side of the room caused the speaker to stop his speech and ask what was going on. We all got a good laugh.

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