Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meeting October 31, 2012

Toastmaster: Gary.

With a meeting on Halloween, we expected some phantasms. Julian provided a flashing skull lantern, but real ghostie-types surfaced.

Being the only speaker of the day, Julian had all the time he needed to speak about his favorite holiday on the day of the holiday. His speech, "A Very Special Halloween Costume," came from the Competent Communicator manual. In recent years, Julian started wearing costumes again - regardless of the fact he is almost 40-years old. But, it was the wig he found on the a particular Halloween where he was bald from being treated for cancer that started the interest.

Robyne played our phantasmic Topic Master. She chilled us by asking Darrell what his favorite costume was as a kid. Michael said he preferred treats to tricks. And Colton, the Man, thrilled us with the tale of an old man who ran out of candy and offered mustard and relish for Trick or Treating.

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