Sunday, September 16, 2012

Meeting September 12, 2012

Toastmaster: Michael O

This week’s meeting was full of surprises, including a special many Table Topic speeches including tattoos – and not the visual kind.

Robyne spoke from the Entertaining Speaker manual. Her speech humorous, “Ruthless and Unscrupulous,” was the Make Them Laugh project in the manual. Robyne recounts an incident with her daughter’s perception of a middle-aged biker. She also treated us to the particularly humorous imagery of an incident at her work.

From the Competent Communicator manual, project 6 on vocal variety, Andy’s speech is entitled “Traditions.” He asked us to think about our own traditions and relayed some of his own, such as the Intestinator. We all have traditions, even if some of those around us do not share them to the same extent. Andy implored us to cherish our traditions and always remember: Colton is the man.

Michael took on table topics in lieu of a missing working member. Through his questions, we found that one of the biggest surprises Colton experienced was adopting a child. Gary was surprised with the way his retirement was announced to his boss and he would rather give surprises than receive. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meeting September 5th, 2012

Toastmaster: Debbie

Full/Blue Moons were the topic of the day this week. Much lunacy ensued, but definitely no cacology.

“Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Why I believe Introverts Make Better Extroverts” was the title of Julian’s speech. From Project 4 of the Competent Communication manual Julian told us all how introverts can plan and adapt to integrate into society and rule the world with their calming nature.  

Darrell’s speech, called “Dissing Dysfunction in the Workplace”, touted the merits of Zachary Wong’s book Human Factors in Project Management. Darrell gave us a few ideas on handling interpersonal problems at work. The speech was Project 5 from the advanced manual Persuasive Speaking.

Both speakers were in time and Julian won the votes.

During Table Topics, Scott told us a few more facts about the moon. He asked Andy if he believed the full moon created lunatic behavior, to which Andy replied that it did bring the circus to town in North Carolina. Tim told us he had wrongly judged a book by its cover in a coworker, but everything worked out fine. Douglas told us about his favorite first day of school – where his dad told the school Douglas would not be attending and took Douglas dove hunting instead. Everyone loved Douglas’s speech so much that he won Table Topics this week.